A subsidised staff canteen provides cooked food all day, with a large range of food available. The canteen is also available for use by visitors and drivers and has proved to be very popular.


A well equipped gym has been provided, which is free to be used by staff. The gym includes two running machines, cross trainer, cycle, various weight equipment, Concept 2 rowing machine etc. A fully qualified personal fitness instructor is also available free of charge to all members of management for a "1 to 1" hour long weekly session. Also onsite power showers are also available.

Internet cafe and free wireless

A room adjacent to the canteen has been provided with three PC's for free broadband access to the internet. This is available to all staff and visitors, Wireless Internet; the whole site also has free wireless internet access for those staff or visitors with their own laptops.


Last but not least, staff also enjoy the football pitch, and social events are also organised around games with local farms etc. This has been very popular and in the summer there are often too may people to all play at once!