Three of the Polish farms are run under the company Polana SP. Zo. o., Ochoza, Zelimucha and Willestowo. Polana is currently the largest grower of Blueberries in Poland.

In 1998 the Polish company “Polana sp z.o.” was formed to buy 221ha of ground in the East of Poland (Ochoza), about 2 ½ hours drive from Waraw.

In 2005, Polana purchased the farm assets of “Balticblue”, comprising two farms (Wielistowo and Zelimucha) in the North West of Poland totaling 346ha ground of which 105ha is Blueberries in full productions, with 40ha of 1-3 year old plants in the ground. This confirms Winterwood and its associated partnerships to be largest grower of Blueberries in Europe as well as Africa, and also the largest seller of supermarket quality Blueberries in Europe.

All the fruit is packed and distributed through the Winterwood packhouse, with the fruit marketed through The FarmFresh PO Ltd.

More recently, Winterwood has joined forces with Jan Karwowski from the company “Daar” in Poland, and has started a 4th farm called “Plantacja Nad Tanwia” – the name coming about as the river “Nad Tanwia” runs along the edge of the plantation.


The farm has around 100ha in the ground and is also now total organically accredited, although the main reason for accreditation was to offer produce safe from any pesticide concerns than to sell the organic fruit at a premium. Other crops, such as Currants are grown on a small scale, but the Blueberries will be central to the Farms attentions.

Plantacja Nad Tanwia

The farm is 220ha, of which 120 is planted so far. 30ha of this is planted with machine havestable varieties. The farm is now also fully certified as organic, and the first crop will be harvested in 2009.